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David Lobo
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We are in an age of opportunity. Anyone with an idea and grit should be able to build a successful tech business, right? But even with all of the opportunities around us, we need still someone to build. What are our options?

  • Spend $10k-$25k on a "cheap" development agency to build out something that may or not work 💸
  • Find a developer and get them to leave their $150k+ job to help you build your idea 🤣
  • Spend the next 1-2 years to learn how to code and do it yourself 🤢

There is a better way: NoCode

In this course, I will share everything I know to help you start designing and building products without code. You'll learn:
  • How NoCode gives you superpowers 🦸‍♂️.
  • How to evaluate what are the right tools to use (Carrd vs. Webflow vs. Bubble?) 🤔
  • How to think about design 🎨.
  • How to think like a 'NoCoder' and avoid common pitfalls of building products 🧠
  • How to build a NoCode MVP using the "Classic Stack" (Carrd + Typeform + Airtable + Zapier) 🛠
  • Where to go next 🔭



The course is self-guided with and comprised of recorded videos + exercises + course materials + capstone project + student Slack Group.

There will be 5 modules (Intro to NoCode, Landing Page/Website Building, Inputs, Databases, Automation) going in to teach you how to build WITHOUT CODE. 

There will also be 10 LIVE Q&A sessions with me and other students, about each of the 5 modules of the course. These start on Nov 16 and run until Dec 18. There will be 2 per week to accommodate for people on different timezones and all students will get access to the recordings.


So...why learn from me?

  • NoCode changed my life. I used to be like you. The "ideas person." I used to feel helpless in bringing my ideas to life. NoCode has given me superpowers and feel like I can take on any challenge.
  • I've built over a dozen NoCode products (award-winning) using tools in the "Classic Stack" and more advanced tools like Webflow and Bubble.
  • I've taught hundreds of incredible founders about NoCode.

PS: I want to make sure you're happy with your purchase. If you're worried that this will be another sh**ty course and don't find it's worth your money when it drops, I will happily process a refund for you if it meets the following criteria: if you ask for it within 1 week of the release date and you have gone through <50% of the course.

  • You'll get unlimited access to course content and future updates.

  • You'll get unlimited access to course content and future updates.
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